I design 
logos icons stationary posters brochures invitations

that inspire, inform
and captivate.

  • Gonul Iusein Logo
  • Miracle Children Project
  • Paris Exclusive Cosmetics
  • Interdependent
  • Ame de Savon
  • Cartobello Brochure
  •  In Romania project
  • Coriax Brochure
  • DC-Make Advertising Posters
  • Christmas Cards
  • Mall Icons

I develop
dinamic websites
HTML. CSS3. Java Script. a pinch of PHP. a dash of MySql. a lot of dedication.

  • www.silkcage.eu
  • www.umblat.ro
  • www.roll-design.ro
  • www.gonuliusein.ro
  • email campains
bianca ene
Hi! My name is Bianca Ene and I am a graphic designer and web developer currently living in Constanţa, Romania.

Below you can find out a couple of things about me. If you would like to know more you can always contact me on linked in or through the contact form.

about me
about me
about me
about me
about me
about me
about me
about me
bianca ene
I am always trying to learn new things, to find out what the latest trends and techniques are and to be inspired by others to evolve as a professional.

So far this is what I've learned:

my skills

my skills

my skills
bianca ene
a few of my favourite things.

Just a couple of random facts to get to know me better.

random facts
random facts
random facts
random facts
random facts
random facts
bianca ene
If you have a question or a project or you just want to say Hi. contact me by filling out the form.

P.S. I'll try to reply promptly but you can also find me on facebook, twitter or linkedin.

For:      Dr, Gönül Iusein MD - specialized in nutritional diseases and diabetes.

What:   Logo & business cards.

About:  Combining health, the colour purple specially chosen and the letter G, the result is a versatile symbol that is easy to use and remember.

For:      Cartobello - wrapping paper and gift bags.

What:   Product Catalogue.

About:  The Catalogue showcases the company's variety of products divided by collections. I was in charge of creating the graphics and the texts.

For:      Romania

What:   Icons, Illustration and applications.

About:  This is a project that I developed during my time as a student at the Art University in Bucharest. Its purpose was to showcase Romania's beautiful customs through a series of icons that would be used in posters, brochures and other promotional materials. Studying romanian traditional costumes, culinary customs, folk tales and many more I started a series of icons as a base for what could be a diverse campaign to promote my country.

For:      Coriax Media Advertising Company.

What:   Price Brochure.

About:  Coriax Media owns advertising screens in Romania, where they display video ads. They wanted a colourful brochure to showcase their wide range of services and to advertise their new price packages.

For:      DC-Make Advertising.

What:   Posters.

About:  When they first opened, DC-Make Advertising wanted to display a couple of posters in the neighbourhood to show where their offices are.

For:      DC-Make Advertising.

What:   Christmas Cards.

About:  Celebrating their first Christmas, DC-Make Advertising wanted to send special cards to all their retained clients, that they could keep on their desk throughout the holiday season.

For:      the Mall.

What:   Icons and Applications.

About:  A different guidance system for mall facilities consisting of 30 icons. The challenge was to keep track of the evolution of the icons while they were becoming more complex, making sure they were still part of the family.

For:      Miracle Children Project - helping children that have survived due to an organ transplant.

What:   promotional materials.

About:  Being such a wonderful cause, for the past couple of years I have been involved in developing most of the materials for the Organization's events and fundraisers.

For:      Paris Exclusive Cosmetics - luxury french cosmetics 100% bio organic.

What:   brochures & other promotional materials.

About:  The company extended its market to Romania and I was involved in creating the promotional materials.

For:      Interdependent - a series of youth presentations.

What:   Event poster.

About:  A series of courses and debates over the interdependece meaning.

For:      Ame de Savon - organic soap and cosmetics.

What:   Logo proposal.

About:  Logo and promotional materials proposal.

For:      Silk Cage by Cristiana Daneș.

What:   website.

About:  I designed and coded this online store for Silk Cage, a company that designes and sells unique silk scarves. Each of their collections is different, so the website needed to have a simple frame that would easily showcase each of this wonderful products.

Responsive: yes.

Link:     www.silkcage.eu

For:      Umblat.

What:   website.

About:  I was part of the team that developed umblat.ro, an online events calendar. I was in charge of developing some of the pages(graphics and/or coding - html and css), animating different elements in css and creating the animated gifs for the map.

Responsive: yes.

Link:     www.umblat.ro

For:      Roll-Design.

What:   website.

About:  I designed and coded this website for Roll Design, a national company that produces and sells window rolls, garage doors, parking barriers and many more.

Responsive: yes.

Link:     www.roll-design.ro

For:      Dr.Gönül Iusein.

What:   website.

About:  I designed and coded this website for Dr. Gönül Iusein, who specializes in Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases. The purpose was to create a page dedicated to informing people by using real medical facts. The project also includes a blog where the Doctor interacts with patients and others interested in her work.

Responsive: yes.

Link:     www.gonuliusein.ro

For:      MK Office.

What:   email campaigns.

About:  I designed and coded this email campaigns while beeing employed at MkOffice. Due to confidentiality, images had to be blurred and texts replaced.